Twiistup brings the technology industry's biggest names together with the rising stars to interact in an intimate and exclusive setting. Our next event is MobileAppCon.

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A few past Twiistup Speakers

Om Malik
Founder, GigaOm
Paul Graham
Founder, Y Combinator
Peter Guber
CEO, Mandalay Ent.
Richard Rosenblatt
CEO, Demand Media
Brad Feld
Co-Founder, Foundry Group
Robert Scoble
startup enthusiast
Ben Huh
CEO, Cheezburger
Brooke Burke
American Model
Dave McClure
Founder, 500 Startups
David Sacks
CEO, Yammer
Eliza Dushku
American Actress
Eric Ries
Founder, Lean Startup
Jason Calacanis
CEO & Founder, Mahalo
Mark Suster
Partner, GRP
Mike Jones
Partner, Science
Naval Ravikant
Founder, AngelList
HipHop Artist
Sean Ellis
CEO, Catchfree

Some past Twiistup Showoffs

Some of our supporters through the years